PhD Studentships

The list below are examples of PhD Studentships we can offer.  For a full list of studentships currently available please visit

  • Sodium valproate-induced mitochondrial dysfunction: elucidating the mechanisms underlying individual susceptibility to toxicity
  • Characterizing the functions of a microcephaly-related gene in a knock-out mouse model using in vivo MRI, histology and cellular/molecular biology approaches
  • Investigating the role of WDR81 in progressive neurological dysfunction
  • Evaluating idiosyncratic metabolism using a flow based tissue engineering and proteomics approach for drug induced toxicity
  • Stratifying patient response to epilepsy treatment using computational models of brain networks
  • Developing non-invasive imaging strategies to investigate the effect of kidney disease on cardiovascular health
  • Applications in tissue engineering: analysing differential characteristics in mesothelial cellls
  • Exosomes act as endogenous messengers transferring signals between tissue cells and the immune system
  • Proteomics/imaging of long and short lived mitochondria