Biomedical Imaging

The Institute of Translational Medicine is equipped with a wide range of the latest microscopy capabilities for modern biomedical research. Our imaging platforms enable continuous correlative imaging studies from nanometer resolution through to whole animal imaging. We provide support ranging from initial project discussion and planning through to training, application of techniques and assistance with data interpretation.

The following techniques are available:

Electron microscopy:

  • TEM, SEM, 3D-EM, cryo-EM, immuno-EM
  • Correlative light and EM.

Contact: Ian Prior (

Light microscopy:

3i spinning disk confocal system:

  • Fast (50ms/frame), multicolour (405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 514nm, 561nm and 635nm lasers) imaging
  • Fluorophore photo-manipulation: FRAP, FRET, photo-activation
  • Automated live cell imaging (dishes and plates, CO2)
  • Total internal reflection (TIRF) microscopy

Zeiss LSM 800 Airyscan confocal:

  • Fast multicolour imaging (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm)
  • Airyscan super-resolution microscopy
  • CO2 and temperature controlled live cell imaging
  • Spectral imaging. Fluorophore unmixing
  • Fluorophore photomanipulation: FRA

Zeiss Apotome2 widefield:

  • Widefield optical sectioning using structured illumination
  • Colibri2 LED light source (385nm, 470nm, 540-580nm, 625nm)
  • CO2 and temperature controlled live cell imaging (dish and plate screening)
  • DIC and PlasDIC

Contact: Dave Berry (, Tobias Zech ( or Mark Morgan ( for training and access.

Leica SP5 AOBS confocal system:

  • Laser lines: 405nm; Argon 458nm, 476nm, 488nm, 496nm, 514nm; 561nm; 594nm; 633nm 
  • Lenses: 10x/0.3 air; 20x/0.7 air; 25x/0.95 water; 40x/1.3 oil; 63x/1.4 oil; 63x/1.3 glycerol
  • 5 Spectral sliders
  • 4 x detectors (2xPMT; 2x sensitive HyD)
  • AOBS (Acousto Optical Bream Splitter)
  • Motorised XYZ stage
  • DAPI, FITC, TRITC filter cubes with LED.

Screening microscopes:

ImageExpress XLS screening system:

  • Images in 3 colors and bright field in a epifluorescence modality.
  • Objectives : 10x, 20x, 40x 60X, 100x.
  • Temperature controller.
  • Automated live cell imaging (dishes and plates).

Custom-made high throughput microscope (BioVision) screening system:

  • Images in 4 colors and bright field in epifluorescence and spinning disc modalities.
  • Objectives : 10x, 20x, 40x 60X, 100x.
  • Automated live cell imaging (dishes and plates).

Website: CinemaLab
Contact: Massimiliano Stagi ( for training and access.