Women's Health Research

The Centre for Women’s Health Research is jointly funded by University of Liverpool and Liverpool Women’s NHS Trust and opened by Dame Sally Davies in 2014.

The Centre is based at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital site and houses two University Departments (Women’s and Children’s Health, and Physiology), the Harris Wellbeing Preterm Birth Research Centre (£1 mil funding through national competition 2015) led by Professors Alfirevic and Wray, the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group (the largest and most productive Cochrane group) led by Professor Alfirevic, the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Research Synthesis in Reproductive Health including Sanyu Research Unit for International Maternal and Child Health led by Professor Weeks and Endometriosis group led by Dr Hapangama.

The Centre with more than 50 HEFCE and grant funded staff provides an important international focus for further growth and development of our key research domains:

  • Translational perinatal medicine;
  • Clinical trials and research synthesis in pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Endometrial stem cell research.