Intensive FRCS Part III Course

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This course prepares candidates for the Clinical and Viva parts of the Intercollegiate Part III exam in General Surgery, it includes state of the art Lectures, Clinical Examinations and Vivas each day.

Dates and bookings


  • 12th –15th May 2020

Cost: £975

Course Contact:

Clinical Leads: Professor Paula Ghaneh

** This course is open to people who are eligible to sit the FRCS exam and who are currently employed in the NHS **

Faculty expected to include:

Upper GI and
Ms P Ghaneh, Mr D Monk, Mr R Gunasekera,
Mr V Yip, Mr H Malik, Mr C Halloran.
Critical Care /
Academic / Statistics
Mr L Poole, Mr J Evans, Mr C Halloran,
Mr E Richman, Mr M Johnson, Prof P Ghaneh,
Mr D Vimalachandran, Mr V Yip
Lower GI Mr R Heath, Ms F McNicol, Mr C McFaul,
Ms S Slawik, Ms N Eardley, Mr C Walsh,
Mr D Vimalachandran 
Breast and
Ms A Waghorn, Ms S Shore, Mr R Pritchard-Jones,
Ms G Mitchell, Ms C Harding-MacKean, Ms M Callaghan,
Ms S Potter, Mr A Shafiq

Cancellation Policy


Cancellations made up to six weeks before the course will be eligible for a full refund of any course fees paid, or a transfer of funds to another course.

Cancellations made between six and two weeks before the course will lose 50% of the course fee.

Cancellations made 14 days or less before the course are liable for the full course fee. (Special circumstances will be taken into account by the Course Organiser).