Recent grants from DFID and from the BSG have been awarded to Melita Gordon and Paul O’Toole (from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital Trust) to support sustainable endoscopy training of nurses and endoscopists across Malawi. Secretary of State Justine Greening has written personally thanking the project leads for their partnership work with DFID and wishing them well with our new training project to prevent deaths from acute bleeding in the upper GI tract. The first visit to Malawi to start the new project took place in April 2013, and the project will run for 2 years.

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Dr Barry Campbell (Gastroenterology) on attaining 25 years of service with the University of Liverpool during 2013. This achievement will be recognised at a dinner, hosted by the Vice-Chancellor on 4 Dec 2013.

Dr Barry Campbell (Gastroenterology) has been invited by the Health Research Board (HRB) in Ireland (, to sit on the Patient-Oriented Research grant selection panel for the Health Research Awards 2013.

Dr BJ Campbell (ITM) and Prof Jerry Turnbull (IIB) have been awarded a Crohn’s and Colitis UK Medical Research grant ‘Identifying intestinal receptors for Crohn’s Escherichia coli’ (M/13/2); £ 78K.  

Professors Mark Pritchard M and Andrea Varro have been awarded an  ENGINEERING & PHYSICAL SCIENCES RESEARCH COUNCIL grant ‘Towards disease diagnosis through spectrochemical imaging of tissue architecture’. £1,780,200. The successful application of physical methods has been a driving force in the diagnosis and treatments of many diseases including cancers. In this grant, led by Professor Weightman (Physics), we are using scanning near field optical microscopy (SNOM) with an infrared (IR) free electron laser (FEL) to characterise tissues from patients at risk of developing oesophageal cancers ie preneoplastic, compared with patients who already have the disease. The aim is to find early changes in tissue architecture that will inform patient management. If successful, it is hoped that this approach can be developed in the future in a way that increase the sensitivity of endoscopic instruments.

Dr Barry Campbell and Professor Jonathan Rhodes have been awarded a studentship from the  MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION (LIBYA)  ‘Characterising the molecular mechanisms of Crohn's disease associated Escherichia coli that enable their survival and replication within the macrophage phagolysosome’. 2013-2016.

Dr Barry Campbell has been awarded a North West Cancer Research grant (£101,594), ‘Investigating bacteria-induced Wnt signalling as a mechanism for malignant development in the gut epithelium’.

The Department of Gastroenterology have just opened to recruitment an investigator-led trial of antibiotics and hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Crohn's disease. The trial, led by Prof Jon Rhodes with support from a £51K grant from Crohn's and Colitis UK, has been accepted onto the NIHR portfolio and will recruit from 11 sites including Liverpool. It is targeting E. coli replicating within macrophages which growing evidence, including previous studies from Liverpool, suggests may have a causative role in Crohn's disease.

Staff in the Department of Gastroenterology are part of a collaboration that have been awarded a large EU grant for a project  'Systems medicine of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (SysmedIBD)' . The €12M study is funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. Gastroenterology in Liverpool (Rhodes JM (PI), Pritchard DM, Probert C and Campbell BJ) are one of the European research centre partners. new EU grant is led from Manchester with Prof Jon Rhodes as the Liverpool PI and is a follow-on from the ground breaking work by Prof Mike White and colleagues, now in Manchester, showing the importance of oscillations into/out of the nucleus of activated NFkappaB. This multicentre FP7 grant will explore the hypothesis that abnormalities in NFkappaB signalling may underlie the inflammatory bowel diseases Crohn's and ulcerative colitis. Funding to Liverpool (£968K over 5 years) will support the collection of clinical samples plus studies, led by Prof Mark Pritchard, on experimental models of gut inflammation.


HIV 'made' new deadly Salmonella - An epidemic of a deadly strain of Salmonella has swept across the whole of Africa by "taking advantage" of the spread of HIV, according to an international team of researchers (Sept 2012) - read more

Energising Minds! Prof Jonathan Rhodes delivered a talk at the prestigious British Science Festival, Aberdeen 4-9th September 2012. His talk ‘Bugs, fibre and colonic health - five a day but which five?’ featured in the festivals session ‘Myth busters: what’s up with your gut?’ held on Friday 7th September 2012.

Bowel cancer ‘could be fuelled by E. coli stomach bug’ (The Daily Mail) – 20th August 2012 read more

Cancer-Causing Gut Bacteria (The Scientist) - 17th August 2012 read more

Genes carried by E. coli bacteria linked to colon cancer - 17th August 2012 read more

E. coli strain linked to cancer in mice (Nature | News) - 16th August 2012 read more

A Gastroenterology team from the University and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital (RLUH) have won a prestigious national prize for endoscopy training in Malawi read more

A banana a day keeps the Salmonella at bay - Bryony Parson's work presented at the American Society of Microbiology's meeting in San Francisco has been well received.

Dr Melita Gordon has been awarded a 3-year grant from The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship Programme to supervise research into ‘Immunity and Salmonellosis’. 20th Feb 2012. Immunity and Salmonellosis

Breakthrough in the development of a diagnostic test for oesophageal cancer. Read more, 8th Feb 2012

Welcome to Dr Mike Burkitt who has joined the Department as a Clinical Lecturer. 1st Feb 2012

Dr Paul Flanagan has been awarded a small project grant from the Shire Innovation Fund for SpRs to examine ‘Macrophage function in Crohn’s disease, its association with genetic polymorphisms and its potential for improvement with vitamin D’ (sponsored by Dr Barry Campbell and Prof Jon Rhodes). 30th Jan 2012

Jonathan Williams has been awarded a bursary from the British Society of Toxicological Pathologists to present his PhD research (supervised by Prof Mark Pritchard & Dr Barry Campbell) at the Wellcome Trust ‘Mouse Models of Disease: Linking in vivo observations to pathology endpoints’ meeting (Hinxton, Cambridge; 1st-3rd Feb 2012).

Great potential' for new cancer diagnosis tool. BBC Today programme; 8th Feb 2012

Animal health research given green light. 11th Jan 2012