ITM Athena SWAN Happy New Year - Going for Gold - Lunch

The ITM Athena SWAN team hosted a Happy New Year - Going for Gold - Lunch on Monday 22nd January 2018.

The aim of the event was to increase sociability throughout the Institute and announce that the team will be working towards submitting a Athena SWAN gold award application in November 2018.

The event was very well attended and staff and students enjoyed all the delicious food that the AS team brought along.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed in making this event a success.

Prof Sue Wray, AS lead says

“Our work to make ITM a great place to work and study continues and we welcome any suggestions you may have. We are also delighted with the support from our new Institute Head, Prof Chris Sanderson”.

Staff Award Nominees and Winner

Image of Jenna Kenyani

Dr Jenna Kenyani from the Department of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine won the Individual David Ellams Award for Outstanding Contribution at the Staff Awards 2017, held on 27th November 2017.

As a Time to Change champion, Jenna has made an outstanding contribution to tackling stigma around mental health at the University by speaking openly and honestly to a range of audiences about her own mental health and linking this to her working life. Jenna has also made an invaluable contribution by being a panel member for a review into mental health provision for staff at the University.

Kathryn Brown, Management Services Administrator, was commended in the Evans Memorial Professional Services Award individual category.

Athena SWAN Silver Renewal

The ITM Athena SWAN team are delighted to report that our Silver charter mark has been renewed.

The application was built on the hard work of many great members within the Institute.  We have a new three-year action plan which will guide us in the work ahead.

Professor Sue Wray (left) and Professor Sarah Coupland (right) collected the Silver award from the Athena SWAN award ceremony at Imperial College, London, July 2017.

Athena SWAN silver award

How to get the most out of your PDR

Your PDR is a two-way discussion to evaluate your work from your own perspective and that of your reviewer. An important aspect of the PDR process is to ensure it is an active way of identifying interests and career development initiatives. The PDR is also the primary route to building a case for progression and promotion.

Key elements of an effective PDR process include:

  • Collecting accurate information across the entire review period
  • Reviewing previous year's performance and objectives. Any examples of objectives not achieved with explanations
  • Planning future objectives
  • Frank and objective discussion of issues/constraints that may have been present
  • Recognition of valued contribution
  • To outline personal development plans
  • Staff can request that their PDR is carried out by two people if their responsibilities cross over Institute/School

More information and tips can be found here

News from the ITM Postdoctoral Support Network.

The ITM Postdoctoral Support Network has launched a new and improved website including useful links for postdocs and a page about available long and short term travel funding.

Please visit the website to find out more information.

Science Communication opportunity with

Do you enjoy science communication? Are you passionate about your area of expertise? Can you hold an audience in the palm of your hand? Or maybe you would like to organize a speaker's evening featuring experts in your area? A brand new expert speaker's website is looking for female scientists who know how to communicate with the general public.

It's free to register and easy to use. Simply register a bio, a pic, areas of interest, titles for talks you can give and better still, any videos such as 3MT or FameLab examples that showcase your skills. If an event organizer in your area is interested, they can simply send you a request that you can either accept or decline depending on your availability. There are no hidden charges, costs or catches and will always be free for speakers.

MReboot Your STEM Career

Returning to a STEM career? Reboot Your STEM Career is a comprehensive interactive toolkit to help you relaunch your career and navigate your way back into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Build on areas such as work-life balance, professional skills, entering the world of work, how to present your self, searching for jobs and how to network.

For more information please visit the OU website