Photo of Professor Roy Goodacre

Professor Roy Goodacre FRSC, FLSW, FSAS

Professor of Biological Chemistry Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


Selected Publications

  1. Procedures for large-scale metabolic profiling of serum and plasma using gas chromatography and liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (Journal article - 2011)
  2. Metabolomics by numbers: acquiring and understanding global metabolite data (Journal article - 2004)
  3. Guidelines and considerations for the use of system suitability and quality control samples in mass spectrometry assays applied in untargeted clinical metabolomic studies (Journal article - 2018)
  4. Recent developments in quantitative SERS: Moving towards absolute quantification (Journal article - 2018)
  5. Absolute Quantification of Uric Acid in Human Urine Using Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering with the Standard Addition Method (Journal article - 2017)