Photo of Dr Antonius Plagge

Dr Antonius Plagge Dr.

Lecturer Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


Physiology, Genetics (undergraduate level)

Neuroendocrinology, Metabolism, Regulation of energy homeostasis, Mammalian genetics, Experimental and regulatory physiology, Genetic modification

MRes (postgraduate level)

MRes in Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine

Modules for 2023-24

Cellular Biotechnology and Biological Imaging

Module code: LIFE749

Role: Teaching

Data Handling for Physiologists

Module code: LIFE310

Role: Teaching

Endocrine and Neuro-physiology

Module code: LIFE204

Role: Teaching

Experimental Physiology

Module code: LIFE232

Role: Module Co-ordinator


Module code: LIFE703

Role: Teaching

Principles of Molecular Physiology Research

Module code: LIFE309

Role: Teaching