‘Ultrafast Meets Ultrasmall’: Liverpool PhD Student awarded Rank Symposium Early Career Researcher Prize. In early March 2024, the Rank Prize Symposium on Optoe

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In early March 2024, the Rank Prize Symposium on Optoelectronics hosted its latest flagship conference at Ullswater in the Lake District, entitled ‘Ultrafast Meets Ultrasmall’.The symposium addressed the convergence of ultrahigh-resolution scanning probe microscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy to simultaneously probe at the single atom level on the shortest of timescales. This ambitious combination represents the next step towards connecting the interplay of physical structure, chemistry and electronic dynamics in a range of systems and materials.

Invited speakers at the frontiers of the fields, including our own Rasmita Raval, Professors Jascha Repp (Regensburg), Leonhard Grill (Graz), Philip Moriarty (Nottingham), and Charlotte Sanders (STFC), delivered keynote lectures discussing the cutting-edge research within these areas.

Early career researchers at various stages of their academic careers presented talks on their research. The symposium provided a vibrant platform for discussion, new ideas as well as networking and potential collaboration.

The conference concluded with a prize for the best early career researcher presentations, awarded   to Matthew Oakes (University of Liverpool) for “A robust chiral molecular grating on Cu (111)” and to Lisanne Sellies (University of Regensburg) for “Single-molecule electron spin resonance by means of atomic force microscopy”

To find out more on the symposium here.