Nanoscience@Surfaces poster prize

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Poster winner Liam Chandler, and Karen Syres, TFSG Chair, during the poster award.

Congratulations to Liam Chandler for being the poster winner in the Nanoscience@Surfaces summer school.

Hosted here in Liverpool, Liam was awarded the prize of £100 for his work entitled “Multiscale quasiperiodic architectures and characterisation of their physical properties”.

His work is undertaken at the SSRC and MIF at the University of Liverpool, in collaboration with Dr. Liam O’Brien, and Prof. Ron Lifshitz. EPSRC and UoL DTA schemes are acknowledged for financial support.

Left: A model of C60 molecules on the 2-fold surface of Al-Pd-Mn with a Fibonacci square grid tiling on top. The wedge-shaped cutaway shows the relation to the five-fold facets, on which is superimposed a Penrose tiling. Middle: a 3D printed Fibonacci grid. Right: An 8-fold tiling fabricated with nanolithography.

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