Genomes to Life research

Genomes to Life

Our leading expertise and advanced technological capability enable us to understand interconnected biological systems, from genotypes to phenotypes and their environmental interactions.

At Liverpool we have leading expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation to do hypothesis driven research, whilst gathering big data across different platforms. Using cutting edge technology to acquire, analyse and interpret large scale data we work from the molecular, to the individual and population levels.

Ultimately we enable and push the boundaries of our understanding of how the complexity of the genome can be interpreted in the context of the environment. We apply this capability and expertise to address global challenges such as global health, food security, environmental change and resource sustainability.

We are not only using the latest technologies but we also do research in the –omics and bioinformatics fields and develop these technologies further in a truly transformative way. With an open access model for collaboration we build productive partnerships locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, delivering world leading science and solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

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Research activities

Genetics nexus brings omics sciences to life

Using transcriptomics to dissect Ebola virus disease

Collaborations involving the University of Liverpool’s unique cluster of world-class genomics facilities have proved the worth of high-tech genetics-based approaches in the field where it matters.

Bringing omics sciences to life

Bringing innovation to omics data analyses

Leading expertise supported by cutting-edge facilities deliver sophisticated software packages for proteomics analyses.

Human African Trypanosomiasis

Funding to work on Human African Trypanosomiasis and schistosomiasis

University of Liverpool researchers are part of an international network that works on the susceptibility of African populations to infectious diseases.

The Liverpool Advantage - facilities and expertise

Centre for Genomics Research

Centre for Genomic Research

The Centre for Genomic Research offers a wide range of sequencing and array applications, with associated informatics and analytical processing of data and functional interpretation.



The Liverpool GeneMill removes complexity for the end user, providing end-to-end design, construction and phenotypic validation of libraries of gene constructs for academic and industrial applications.

Technology Directorate

Technology Directorate

The Technology Directorate offers flexible access to world-class equipment and expertise through its Shared Research Facilities.

Meet some of our leading academics in omics and systems research:

Andy Jones

Professor Andy Jones

Professor of Bioinformatics

Francesco Falciani

Professor Francesco Falciani

Institute of Integrative Biology

Professor Christiane Hertz-Fowler

Professor Christiane Hertz-Fowler

Deputy Head of Institute of Integrative Biology,
Chair in Pathogen Genomics

Claire Eyers

Professor Claire Eyers

Professor of Biological Mass Spectrometry

Julian Hiscox

Professor Julian Hiscox

Chair in Infection and Global Health

Steve Paterson

Professor Steve Paterson

Professor of Genetics, Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour

Rachel Bearon

Dr Rachel Bearon

Reader, Mathematical Sciences

Andrew Morris

Professor Andrew Morris

Chair in Statistical Genetics, Biostatistics

Munir Pirmohamed

Professor Munir Pirmohamed 

Professor (Clin,Hcc), Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology