More support and information for starting your course


Your Academic Advisor

All students at the University of Liverpool will be assigned a named academic member of staff as their Academic Advisor. Their role is to develop a relationship with you, to provide information, advice and guidance on academic matters and to direct you to further sources of information on academic matters as well as the wide range of information, advice and guidance on non-academic matters available to students at Liverpool.

A list of students and advisors will be posted to VITAL (the University of Liverpool's virtual learning environment to which you will be automatically enrolled) and students will be also advised on arrival.


The University Welcome Week pages

The University of Liverpool Welcome web page provides useful and up-to-date information on Welcome Week including all the contents of your Welcome Pack in electronic format.



Student Support Services

Your first few days at University can be quite confusing and it may take time for you to settle into your new surroundings and life as a student. It may also be your first time away from home.

At the Student Service Centre the specialist teams are available to help with any practical, emotional or general issues. They can also direct you to the most appropriate services across the University.


Your programme handbook

A programme handbook will be available to students on arrival via the blackboard platform VITAL, where it will be posted under the banner School of Psychology General Information.


The Liverpool Guild of Students (Student Societies)

Liverpool Guild of Students (LGoS) is the Students' Union for the University of Liverpool.


Introducing PsycSoc…


Welcome to PSYCSOC! The Psychology Society aims to enhance both social and academic aspects of university, allowing the integrating of all students. All members of the Psychology Society will have the opportunity to take part in various fun and exciting social events designed to encourage people to socialise with fellow students, take part in creative games and activities but also broaden their academic horizons. The Society will add something extra to university life for psychology students or those with an interest in psychology and creates more opportunities which help students to prepare for a future career within their preferred fields. We have built a strong relationship with the School of Psychology to run interesting guest lectures and conferences beyond the academic course, allowing intriguing insights into specific aspects of psychology. Ultimately PSYCSOC wants to ensure a fun and happy university life by encouraging friendships and broadening the university experience. 

Getting Involved: 

To get involved all you need to do is purchase your society membership, this allows discounted tickets to events and various offers in bars and restaurants around Liverpool. Also, to get involved with the various events we are running and to keep regularly posted throughout the year join our Facebook groups!  

Membership can be purchased online at: 

For more information: 

Join our Facebook groups (University of Liverpool Psychology Freshers 2019/20), sign up to our mailing list at the Fresher's Fair and keep your eyes on our notice board in the Eleanor Rathbone Building. 

Please come and find us at the Fresher’s Fair - and on behalf of the PSYCSOC committee we look forward to meeting you!