Personal support and trainee development

This programme can be challenging and, at times, demanding, so we aim to maintain a caring and nurturing culture. That is underpinned by a range of support structures that are in place for every trainee.

You will have regular access to an academic advisor from the core team to support your development of clinical, academic, research, personal and professional competencies. This is complemented by general support and advice.

Regular contact with a mentor, a qualified clinical psychologist working outside of the programme and within the NHS, to foster the development of personal and professional issues, and assist with development of your learning and career objectives.

Trainees are matched to ‘buddies’ in the preceding cohort, who can advise on what to expect when starting the programme.

 You will also get personal and professional development (PPD) to meet with colleagues to discuss and seek support for personal, ethical and professional issues.

 We also have a disability support liaison officer to signpost trainees to the disability advice and guidance available through the University’s student support office.

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