Research Training

Research forms an integral part of the whole D.Clin.Psychol programme at the University of Liverpool. You will make use of research evidence in all your academic and clinical work, and undertake a major research project, writing up your work in the form of a dissertation.

The research team helps trainees develop their appreciation of the value of research activity, understanding of research theory, methodology and design, their competencies in conducting research, and confidence in disseminating research findings.

The Research Training Curriculum

Your curriculum sessions, seminars and workshops, presentations on major research projects, attendance at the annual Trainees’ Research Conference, and individual research supervision all support your further learning.

Research training at the University of Liverpool

Across the three years of the programme, trainees will receive advice and support from the Liverpool Experts by Experience (LExE) group to assist with the development of their research competencies, and their dissertation projects.

Areas of research focus

Programme staff and academics, based in the School of Psychology and the Department of Psychological Sciences, act as supervisors for trainees’ research dissertations. Research staff based in the Department of Psychological Sciences conduct funded research in eight research groups;

  • Addiction
  • Appetite and obesity
  • Forensic and investigative
  • Psychology of healthcare
  • Language cognition and expertise
  • Mental health in context
  • Perinatal, infant and child mental health
  • Perception (including pain research)

The Research team

The research team are:

  • Dr Luna Centifanti: Research tutor; Year 1 convenor
  • Dr Catrin Eames: Research tutor; Year 2 convenor
  • Dr Steven Gillespie: Research tutor; Year 3 co-convenor
  • Dr Ross White: Research director/ tear 3 co-convenor (and post year 3)

Potential research projects

The programme holds a research fair in the Autumn term to provide information for first year trainees about potential research projects. If you would like to discuss your research ideas with a member of the team, please email the research administrator at

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