Liverpool Experts by Experience

Liverpool Experts by Experience (LExE) are a group of people with lived experience of clinical psychology services. They came together to form the Liverpool Experts by Experience group in 2015 with the aim of improving how clinical psychologists are trained.

The LExE group is vital to the programme’s values of widening participation and inclusivity

To the right are some examples of experts by experience involved with the course talking about what involvement means to them. The videos were originally produced by the Service Users and Carers Subgroup of the Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology for the GTiCP Annual Conference in 2016.

LExE’s mission

  • Interact for the good of all (LExE, trainees, community, staff)
  • Critical friend to the DClin programme
  • Embedding human rights as a priority in all aspects of the programme
  • Including experts by experience (EbE) in all aspects of the programme
  • A broad support network to benefit students
  • To develop trainees who are true to their beliefs and challenge the system with integrity
  • Reducing stigma and changing attitudes
  • Shared vision for training, good practice, openness and transparency, and open mindedness
  • To learn and grow together

LExE contributes to all aspects of the programme, including:


The group facilitates and contributes to sessions in the following teaching units:

  • Human rights, clinical assessment, clinical skills, introduction to risk assessment and management, clinical health, psychosis and recovery, clinical psychology with older adults, addictions, children young people and families, working with people with intellectual disabilities and clinical interviewing. 
  • LExE members observe and rate the clinical interviewing sessions for Year One trainees, in which client-based therapy session scenarios are role played by actors (clients) and trainees (trainee clinical psychologists).

Trainee Research

LExE co-supervises trainees’ major research projects, attending trainees’ presentations and providing feedback. We present our research ideas and experience, and also co-facilitate trainee groups at the Year One research fair, and attend the Year 3 trainees’ annual research conference, Group of Trainers’ in Clinical Psychology (GTiCP) Annual Conference, and the British Psychological Society (BPS) Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) Annual conference.


Members of the group give presentations at the programme annual open days for prospective applicants to the course. They are involved in all aspects of the selection process including:

  • Shaping the rating forms for interviews
  • Shortlisting applications
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Attending selection meetings

Mentoring on clinical placements

More information about mentoring.

Future developments

There are plans for one LExE member to collaborate with each of the trainee cohorts as a direct point of contact between the group and the trainees. We have close links with other EbE involvement groups including LUPIN, and CAMHelions; as well as links with other organisations such as CLARHC.

To get involved in the LExE group contact Lyndsey Murphy at or 0151 795 5446.

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