Mrs Yiovanna Derpsch BSc Psychology, MSc Research Methods

Demonstrator and PhD researcher School of Psychology


Personal Statement

I am a Demonstrator and PhD researcher at the Department of Psychology. I teach research methods and statistics to first and second year UG students, and also deliver lectures to third year students (Great Debates in Psychology and Cyberpsychology modules). In addition, I am an Academic Advisor and tutor.

Being part of the Visual Perception Lab, my PhD research is supervised by Dr Alexis Makin and Dr Marco Bertamini and focuses on the neural basis of symmetry perception and its links to cognition, in particular attention and memory (using EEG and eye-tracking methods).

I previously completed a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Psychological Research Methods at the University of London, with my dissertation exploring the ventral and dorsal pathways of object and face recognition. I have gained broad experience working in different areas of psychology: being an honorary assistance psychologist for the NHS at IAPT Lambeth Talking Therapies in London; a clinical research facilitator for a Dementia study at Imperial College London; and research assistance to Professor Melissa Gladstone (Senior lecturer in neurodevelopmental Paediatrics at UoL – Institute of Translational Medicine), being responsible for the cognitive assessment of children with cerebral malaria in Mozambique. I also speaking Spanish and Portuguese.