Photo of Dr Philippe Chassy

Dr Philippe Chassy PhD, MSc, BSc

Senior lecturer School of Psychology


    Personal Statement

    I completed my PhD at Brunel University (UK) in 2007. I have worked as a Post-Doctoral research fellow in various institutions until 2012, where I took my position as a lecturer in Hope University. At Hope University, I was director of the MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuroimaging as well as Assistant Head of the department for two years.
    I joined the University of Liverpool last October as a senior lecturer. I am a member of the Senior Management Team and lead of the research group on Evolution of Human Cognition. Using a variety of methods I aim at investigating the evolutionary roots and limits of the cognitive system. My main interest is in memory and learning processes. The rich research environment of the University of Liverpool provides an ideal ground to investigate cognition at both the behavioural and biological levels. I encourage interested students and scholars to contact me for potential collaborations.