Scanning facility at the School of Psychology

Leading facilities and technologies

We have developed specialist laboratories to make your learning experience as hands on as possible and to give you the skills and experience to benefit your future career.

Advanced research facilities

Depending on your specialism, you could be working with the latest EEG, MRI and eye tracker technology, or crafting questionnaires on psychopathy and developing IQ tests. From the authentic bar, where we look at alcohol dependency, to the brain and behaviour lab with its new testing suite, or the body fat scanner for our research into obesity and the child development labs where our work has led to calls to change Government policy, our facilities are specially designed for the study of psychology.

Alchohol breath testing in our bar research facility

Testing the effects of alcohol in our authentic bar facility

High quality university resources

Your lectures will be held in our modern, award-winning Central Teaching Hub and every lecture is recorded and made available online so you can recap whenever you need to.

The University has online libraries, and you will have 24-hour access to the Sydney Jones and Harold Cohen Libraries on campus too, so you can study whenever suits you. We also make sure all the information you need for your course and your research is at your fingertips via our online communications and assessment tools and through social media.

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