Dr Tosin Lambe MSc, MBBS

Health Economics Modeller Health Services Research


    Personal Statement

    Tosin Lambe is a research associate in health economics modelling at the Liverpool Reviews and Implementation Group (LRiG). His main role in LRiG is to appraise the cost effectiveness evidence of new and existing health technologies within the NICE technology appraisal programme. Tosin has expertise in chronic disease modelling and economics of pharmaceuticals. He is particularly focused on the statistical methods for obtaining parameters for cost effectiveness models. Tosin also has a general interest in the methods for measuring and analysing health-related quality of life.

    Before joining LRiG in 2018, Tosin held the position of research fellow in health economics at the University of Birmingham where he conducted both model- and trial-based cost effectiveness analyses. Tosin is a licensed doctor with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

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