Photo of Prof Elizabeth Perkins

Prof Elizabeth Perkins BSc (Hons) PhD RGN

William Rathbone VI Chair of Community Nursing Health Services Research


    Personal Statement

    Liz has worked in the field of health and social policy research for the last twenty-five years. Following her PhD she worked at Policy Studies Institute, London, where she was involved in designing and managing a large-scale survey of individuals and families funded by the ESRC. She was appointed as the William Rathbone VI Chair of Community Nursing Research in 2004. Latterly, she has focused on undertaking qualitative studies using non-participant observation, in-depth interviews and documentary analysis. Professor Perkins works mainly in interdisciplinary research teams. Decision-making, either by professionals or patients, is a theme which runs through much of her research. She is a member of the People and Animals and their Health (PATHS) group.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Competence, Consent and Best Interests (Invitation to Speak, 30th International Congress on Law and Mental Health 2007)
    • Key speaker for christmas debate (Invitation to Speak, RCN 2005)
    • Discharge home? (Invitation to Speak, IALMH - International Association of Law and Mental Health 2003)
    • Detention Decisions and Dilemmas - Reviewing involuntary detention and treatment into the 21st centu (Invitation to Speak, IALMH 2002)
    • A New Tribunal? (Invitation to Speak, The Law Society and Royal College of Psychiatrists 2002)
    • The UKCC, Registrants and the Independent Sector (Invitation to Speak, RCN 2002)
    • An Evaluation of Opportunistic Screening for Chlamydia (Invitation to Speak, Department of Health 2001)
    • Equal Opportunities and Ethnicity (Invitation to Speak, Halton Borough Council 2001)

    Administrative Roles

    • Chair of Non-invasive Ethics Committee, University of Liverpool - January 2018
    • Acting Chair, University of Liverpool Research Governance Committee

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