Liverpool Public Health Observatory

Useful Resources

The International Health Impact Assessment Consortium

The International Health Impact Assessment Consortium is directed by Alex Scott-Samuel and staffed by researchers and an administrator. It develops methods of conducting HIAs and carries out commissioned assessments of international, national and local policies related to the social determinants of health. For example, IMPACT has carried out European policy health impact assessments for the European Union; an assessment of the health impact of the UK Home Office's City Safe Action Zones in Liverpool, as well as developing and delivering a city-wide training programme on HIA within the Mersey Health Action Zone. Funding comes from the EU, Home Office/city council, and various NHS agencies.

The Department of Public Health and Policy, The University of Liverpool

The Department of Public Health and Policy is home to a multi-disciplinary team drawn from a range of subjects including medical and health sciences, epidemiology, sociology, community development, policy analysis, statistics, civic design and history.

It is actively involved in research, education and health service work related to promoting the health of the public. Located within the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, the Department has close working links with many other disciplines across the University and in the wider public health community.