Liverpool Public Health Observatory


Observatory Report Series

Since it was established in 1990, the Observatory has produced a series of reports. They are reports of work carried out on behalf of the Merseyside PCTs that fund the Observatory. Reports are sent to various people, including directors of public health and chief executives within the North West.

Observatory Issues Series

In October 1994, Liverpool Public Health Observatory, as part of its role of providing intelligence for the public health, launched the ISSUES series. This was our response to the perceived need for timely reports reviewing theory and practice in areas of concern and controversy within public health. The intention is to target the audiences most closely involved with each issue covered. All ISSUES are sent to directors of public health, chief executives and chairs of health authorities, and chairs of community health councils within the North West Region.

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Observatory HIA Reports

The Observatory was one of the first units to undertake health impact assessment (HIA) and has produced a literature review and practical guidelines as well as various project reports.

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Other publications

The Observatory has occasionally undertaken work for voluntary and other agencies outside the NHS. Various publications have been produced as a result.

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