Key Projects

Clinical Communications Research

Health practitioners have the power to help or harm patients by the ways that they communicate. Research to improve patient-practitioner communication is fundamental to improving patient care. Members our group at Liverpool have addressed research questions of direct relevance to improving the quality of healthcare for patients and to advancing the evidence-base for clinical treatments and health promotion. 

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Transitions in complex and long-term physical conditions

  • Psychological processes in physical illness

We study how previous and current life experiences shape people’s adjustment to physical illness, particularly cancer, and how clinical communication – and the guidance that practitioners receive on communication – can meet or thwart patients’ needs and have both iatrogenic and therapeutic effects. We seek to translate findings from this work into high-quality care through the development and testing of interventions.

  •  Communication about clinical trials in health care

Informed by our work on psychological processes in physical health care, we examine the ways in which communication serves or obstructs patients’ psychosocial needs during recruitment to clinical trials.

Life stage transitions

  •  Childbirth and perinatal health

The work included within the series of grants is focused upon understanding factors that impinge on women’s perinatal psychological health and developing effective interventions for those at significant risk and preventing development of distress at a time of significant transition.

  •  Psychological processes in parenting and early child development

This body of work is focused on identifying social, psychological and biological processes in emergent child psychopathology including gene- environment interplay. The earliest focus is in utero and the transition into parenthood. 

  •  Transitions in later life

We examine the ways that ageing impacts on psychological wellbeing and physical health. We explore how transitions such as those from marriage into widowhood, and from spouse to caring spouse impact on wellbeing and use an ecological framework to promote resilience in challenges faced by older people.