Forensic Psychology

Liverpool has a long history of Forensic Psychology, leading in applied research with a board range of partners in the legal, penal, policing, security services and defence sectors. The Division supports the Forensic and Investigative research group and the Expertise and Decision Making cross cutting theme within the Department of Psychological Sciences. Our forensic psychologists have diverse research interests and collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines.

These interests include:

  • Criminal behaviour and Behavioural investigative advice
  • Critical Incidents and Decision-making
  • Interviewing and witnesses

The Division of Forensic Psychology spans the Department of Psychological Sciences and the School of Psychology

Liverpool is also well known for the postgraduate programmes and continuing professional development (CPD) courses offered both to psychologists and professionals working within these areas. Our MSc Investigative and Forensic Psychology programme was awarded 6 commendations by the British Psychological Society.

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