Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology at Liverpool became independent Department of its kind in a UK University. It now resides in the Departmental of Psychological and today provides a focal point for Clinical Psychologists and research colleagues who are active in teaching, clinical practice innovation and research.

Our interests span traditional and new areas of clinical psychology. Our staff are actively involved in developing and providing innovative clinical and community services, particularly for people with mental health problems, including psychosis. Psychologists in the division therefore work closely with local NHS Trusts delivering health care to people in Liverpool and the north-west.

Clinical Psychology supports the Mental Health in Context, Addiction, Psychology of Health Care, and Forensic and Investigative Psychology research groups as well as the Mother Infant Interaction (Developmental Psychopathology) and the Neuroscience cross-cutting themes.

A Doctor of Clinical Psychology programme is run by the School of Psychology, a part of the Institute of Learning and Teaching.

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