METHODs for Patient and Public Involvement In Clinical TriALs: A Research Priority and Agenda Setting Exercise (METHODICAL)


PPI in research refers to the practice of patients, members of the public and researchers working together to prioritise, plan, design, conduct and disseminate research. Despite increasing international interest in PPI, there is a lack of evidence about the most efficient, effective and acceptable ways to implement PPI and uncertainty remains about its impact upon research, practice and policy. There is a need for methodology research to help inform how PPI is conducted to ensure it is fit for purpose, proportionate and impactful. Aims: to identify the priorities of key PPI stakeholders for methodology research to resolve uncertainties about PPI in clinical trials, as well as to help coordinate and improve to the design of future PPI work and avoid unnecessary duplication and resource waste.


On-line Delphi priority setting exercise and a key stakeholder meeting.  Round one of the Delphi survey can be accessed until Wednesday 23rd December.  


Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) and Clinical Research Network (CRN) staff working in PPI; trialists; Research Design Services members; funders; PPI guidance developers; and experienced PPI contributors.


Findings will provide a distinct and timely contribution to addressing uncertainties around PPI by identifying which types of methodology research should be prioritised and informing future collaborative PPI research in clinical trials. Delphi findings will be published in an open access journal, whilst a short (lay summary) report will summarise the stakeholder meeting discussions and provide key recommendations to inform collaborative research agendas. The stakeholder meeting will bring together CTU PPI Coordinators to discuss the potential for setting up a working group to assist the delivery of PPI research priorities, encourage sharing of best practice and resources and collaboration on future projects to help avoid duplication and waste in research on PPI.


‌The METHODICAL Study is funded by the MRC Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research (Project N62)