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The Institute of Psychology, Health and Society is committed to delivering pioneering research to improve the health and wellbeing of local and global communities. Our projects are at the forefront of academic excellence, addressing psychological and physical health challenges on an international scale.

Research is undertaken across Asia, North America, South America and Europe, making a difference to the lives of diverse populations.

The impact of our work is far-reaching, from reducing incidents of respiratory disease in Guatemalan children, to treating postnatal depression in mothers in Pakistan in order to decrease cases of infant mortality.

The Institute is based in Liverpool, where research has a direct impact on local communities, such as our collaboration with The Reader Organisation to study the long-term results of reading interventions. We are also working alongside NHS Trusts as a lead partner in the Liverpool Obesity Research Network, as well as investigating the root cause of eating disorders in adolescents.

Our research improves lives, not just at a community level, but also through policy development that innovates and transforms the services and systems at the heart of health and social care. We collaborate with a portfolio of partners and funders to realise our vision, and we are inspired by the tangible results our research demonstrates.

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