Policy Research on Social Determinants and Health Inequalities

Our Research

Our research focuses on services and systems for health and well-being operating at the community and population levels, seeking to understand how to improve the systems that society needs to put in place to promote, sustain and protect health, prevent disease and care for the sick.

We have four current research themes:

  1. Identifying and improving equitable access to effective preventive and curative services
  2. Improving public-professional engagement processes
  3. Understanding pathways to and from inequalities in health, including the differential social and economic impact of ill-health across society
  4. Evaluating complex interventions to tackle wider social determinants of health and wellbeing – including innovative evidence synthesis methods

The group has particular strengths in intervention research; engagement with the policy and practice communities throughout the R&D process to ensure policy-relevance; and incorporation of the experiences of people in their day-to-day lives – hence the substantial expertise in qualitative work and the hosting of the Social Science in Health and Medicine Research Collaborative.

The research group hosts the following research initiatives:

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