Dr Stuart Oultram PhD, MA, BA

Lecturer in Bioethics Health Services Research



    My main area of research is in Philosophical Bioethics (broadly construed). To date my research has primarily focused on reproductive ethics (esp. surrogate motherhood). Although I do have related interests in the ethical analysis of policy and technology (broadly construed), with some of my work intersecting ethics and regulation.


    I have recently begun developing research interests in teaching and learning in bioethics and professional ethics in the context of medicine.

    To date my interests in this area have focused on the following:

    1) The concept of Digital Professionalism - and in particular the effect of ICT and social media on teaching and learning
    2) The challenges and opportunities associated with introducing and teaching Bioethics on MBChB programmes

    Research Grants
    • Effectiveness of Integrated Homeless Health and Care Services.