Public Health and Policy

Our People

Sheard, Prof Sally Head of Department & Andrew Geddes and John Rankin Professor of Modern History  0151 794 4552 
Alexiou, Dr Alexandros Research Associate  0151 795 7517 
Anderson De Cuevas, Dr Rachel Research Associate  0151 794 5755 
Atkinson, Dr Paul Senior Research Fellow  0151 794 5581 
Bandosz, Dr Piotr Research Associate  0151 794 5420 
Barr, Prof Benjamin Senior Clinical Lecturer  0151 794 5580 
Begley, Dr Philip Lecturer in the History of Medicine  0151 794 5581 
Bentley, Dr Lee Research Associate   
Buchan, Prof Iain Chair in Public Health and Clinical Informatics 
Butters, Dr Olly Data Research Scientist 
Capewell, Prof Simon Chair of Clinical Epidemiology  0790 801 6477 
Collins, Mr Brendan Health Economist and Tenure Track Fellow  0151 794 5283 
Cuitun Coronado, Dr Jose Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Cukic, Dr Iva Research Fellow 
Daras, Dr Konstantinos PDRA  0151 795 1402 
Donaldson, Dr Anna Clinical Lecturer 
Ellison, Ms Mandy Research Co-ordinator LiLaC2 / CLEAN-Air(Africa)  0151 794 4314 
Esan, Dr Oluwaseun Postgraduate Research Associate 
Fleming, Dr Kate Senior Lecturer  0151 795 8300 
Geary, Dr Rebecca Lecturer 
Harris, Dr John Lecturer in Health Protection  0151 794 9779 
Kierans, Prof Ciara Reader in Medical Anthropology  0151 794 5602 
Kypridemos, Dr Christodoulos Lecturer  0151 795 0436 
Lai, Dr Eric Research Associate  0151 795 8302 
Lloyd-Williams, Dr Ffion Research Fellow  0151 794 5303 
Magklis, Mr Manos Postgraduate Research Associate 
Maheswaran, Dr Hendy Senior Clinical Lecturer in Public Health  0151 794 5118 
Mason, Dr Kate Research Associate  0151 795 8304 
McGarrol, Dr Sarah Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9792 
McHale, Dr Philip Clinical Lecturer in Public Health and Policy  0151 795 2613 
O'Flaherty, Prof Martin Professor in Epidemiology and Health Services Research  0151 795 4129 
Orton, Dr Lois Senior Research Fellow  0151 794 5611 
Pennington, Mr Andy Research Fellow and PhD Student  0151 794 5579 
Piroddi, Dr Roberta Research Associate 
Pope, Prof Daniel Professor of Global Public Health  0151 794 5522 
Povall, Dr Sue Research Fellow  0151 794 4782 
Puzzolo, Dr Elisa Co-Director of CLEAN-Air NIHR Global Health Research Group 
Redhead, Dr Caroline Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Rose, Dr Tanith Research Associate in Health Data Analysis  0151 795 8313 
Rodgers, Prof Sarah Professor of Health Informatics  0151 795 8310 
Ronzi, Dr Sara Postdoctoral Research Associate in Global Public Health  0151 795 0132 
Rotheram, Dr Suzanne Postdoctoral Research Fellow  0151 795 8326 
Schlüter, Dr Daniela Lecturer  0151 795 8301 
Schofield, Dr Pietà Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 7864 
Shupler, Mr Matthew Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Taylor-Robinson, Prof David Professor of Public Health and Policy, Honorary Consultant in Child Public Health  0151 794 5594 
Whitehead, Prof Dame Margaret WH Duncan Professor for Public Health  0151 794 5280 
Wickham, Dr Sophie Wellcome Trust Research Fellow  0151 795 8315 
Williams, Mr Steven Research Project Manager  0151 795 8311  
Wilson, Dr Rebecca Data Research Scientist 

Master of Public Health Programme staff

Watkins, Prof Francine Senior Lecturer & Director of MPH Programmes   0151 794 4783 
Bates, Dr Vickie Lecturer & Director of Studies Online MPH Programme  0151 794 4215 
Clayton, Dr Stephen 
Day, Dr Jennie Lecturer & Director of Studies Liverpool Campus MPH Programme 
Green, Mr Thomas Programme Administrator  0151 794 8255 
Jehan, Dr Kate Lecturer MPH Programmes  0151 794 5281 

PhD Students

Bennett, Ms D PhD Student   
D'Agostino, Mr M PhD Student   
Donaldson, Ms A PhD Student   
Edeghere, Mr O PhD Student   
Fahy, Ms K PhD Student   
Head, Ms A PhD Student   
Huang, Mr W PhD Student   
Hughes, Ms H PhD Student   
Inns, Mr T PhD Student   
Li, Mr J PhD Student   
Mcneil, Ms J PhD Student   
Meysner, Ms S PhD Student   
Moonan, Ms M PhD Student   
Pennington, Mr A PhD Student   
Rutherford, Mr C PhD Student   
Saligari, Ms S PhD Student   
Schwaller, Ms E PhD Student   
Smith, Miss Shelda-Jane PhD Student  0151 795 0131 

Honorary and Visiting Appointments

Ashton, Prof John Visiting Professor   
Bruce, Prof NG Honorary Professor of Public H   
Dahlgren, Prof Goran Visiting Professor   
Diderichsen, Prof Finn Visiting Professor   
Hawe, Prof Penny Visiting Professor   
Jacoby, Prof Ann Emeritus Professor   
Lambert, Dr Michael Hon Res Fellow 
Mackenzie, Dr Paul Honorary Research Fellow 
Mateo, Dr Alberto Honorary Fellow 
Mcquillan, Ms VA Associate Lecturer   
Moore, Dr Maria-Anne Honorary Research Associate 
Moreira, Prof Patricia Visiting Professor   
Mosedale, Dr Sarah Honorary Fellow 
Naik, Dr Yannish Honorary Fellow 
O'Brien, Prof Sarah Honorary Senior Fellow 
O'Sullivan, Prof Helen Honorary Senior Research Fellow 
Petticrew, Prof Mark Visiting Professor   
Popay, Prof Jennie Visiting Professor   
Shiell, Prof Alan Visiting Professor   
Stanistreet, Dr Debbi Honorary Senior Research Fellow 
Taylor, Ms Catherine Honorary Fellow 
Tunstall, Miss Claire Honorary Lecturer