Photo of Dr Andrej Stancak

Dr Andrej Stancak Prof., PhD.

Reader Psychological Sciences


Brain mechanisms of conscious experience of pain.

Brain imaging of pain, somatosensory perception and motor cotrol using EEG, MEG and fMRI.

Brain mechanisms of sense of smell.

In collaboration with Unilever, this research interest focuses on how odours modulate hedonic evaluations and human decisions.

Neural mechanisms of decision making.

In collaboration with the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Risk and Uncertainty, and Unilever, this line of research aims to understand the neural mechanisms of value-based decisions, risky choices, and effort-based decisions.

Research Grants
  • Mobile neuroimaging at scale: making it simple, making it affordable.
  • Brain responses for target setting: Unilever fellowship in behavioural neuroscience.
  • Measurement in Context: Ambulatory Neuroimaging.
  • Role of incidental sensory-affective stimuli on the brain valuation system.
  • Effects of satiety on cerebral processing of pain and on resting state of the brain.
  • Effects of olfaction on subconscious priming of emotions and actions.
  • Cortical mechanisms of allodynia in chronic pain patients - an MEG (magnetoencephalography) study.
  • Brain-autonomic interactions in fibromyalgia syndrome patients
Research Collaborations

Dr. Timo Giesbrecht

External: Unilever

Effects of olfaction, on emotional processing and pain.

Professor Jiri Horacek

External: Charles University in Prague

Development of methods for MR and EEG data processing; conjoint resrarch projects on subconscious priming in healthy people and psychiatric patients; research on perception of pain in psychiatric patients

Prof. L. Allison


EEG research of decision making under stressful conditions

Dr. J. Halford


EEG and fMRI studies on eating behaviour and interactions between satiety and pain

Prof. P. Sovka

External: Charles University in Prague

Conjoint study of causality in EEG signals.

Dr. L. Parkes

External: The University of Manchester

analysis of MR and MEG data

Professor J. Gross, Dr. J-M. Schoffelen

External: University of Glasgow

conjoint processing of MEG data

Dr. Graham Kemp


Experimental studies in the field of cognitive neuroscience and pain

Prof. T. Nurmikko; Dr. Paul Sacco


Conjoint experimental study on MEG changes in allodynia. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

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