Photo of Dr Abi Rose

Dr Abi Rose PhD, BSc (hons)

Senior Lecturer in Psychology Psychological Sciences


    Personal Statement

    I have been at the University of Liverpool since 2010 and am Senior Lecturer in Psychology. I obtained my PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Sussex in 2006, and then worked as a postdoc at St George’s Medical School, UCL, before taking an appointment as Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, KCL. My research interests are focused around the psychopharmacological basis of addiction and specifically identifying pathways into and out of hazardous drinking. My laboratory-based research investigates the processes involved in drinking, including the interaction between environmental and intoxication effects, while my clinical research focuses on developing more effective psychosocial treatments and pharmacotherapies. For example, I am interested in the priming effects of alcohol, the learning mechanisms underlying drinking behaviour, and the pharmacological basis of alcohol dependence. My research has been funded by the Medical Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council, and Alcohol Research UK

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