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Department of Public Health and Policy

Research across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences spans ‘from Cell to Society’: with the work of the Department of Public Health and Policy firmly at the Societal end of the spectrum

Research Themes

Research in the department focuses on services and systems for health and well-being operating at the community and population levels. It covers healthy members of the public as well as patients, seeking to understand how to improve the systems that society needs to put in place to promote, sustain and protect health, prevent disease and care for the sick.

One large multi-disciplinary research group, Social Determinants and Health Inequalities, elucidates and evaluates pathways, policies and preventive interventions.

Three research themes focus on key areas within the research group:


The Department's research aims are:

  • To increase understanding of the pathways leading from society to good/ill-health and from ill-health to social and economic consequences, especially concerning the generation of inequalities in health and in access to health services.
  • To assess the impact of interventions at the community and population levels to reduce the identified inequalities in health and in health services and to promote health and wellbeing.

Research strengths include: a focus on intervention research to tackle social determinants of health and health inequalities; engagement with the policy and practice communities to ensure policy-relevance; and incorporation of the experiences of people in their day-to-day lives.

Collaborations & Initiatives

The department hosts the following research initiatives and collaborations:

  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Policy Research on Social Determinants of Health. Details
  • National Institute of Health Research funded (NIHR): Public Health Research Consortium (PHRC). Details
  • LiLaC: Liverpool and Lancaster Universities Collaboration for Public Health Research (including work on: NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care North West Coast; NIHR School for Public Health Research; Health Protection Research Unit in Gastrointestinal Infections). Details
  • Social Science in Health and Medicine Collaborative. Details
  • Demetriq: Developing Methodologies to Reduce Inequalities in the Determinants of Health. Details
  • The Governance of Health: Medical, Economic and Managerial Expertise in Britain Since 1948. Details

The Department contributes to the following Institute and Faculty-wide initiatives:

Former Collaborations & Information Repositories

  • IMPACT: International Health Impact Assessment Consortium. Details
Professor Sally Sheard

We are at the forefront of research into public health and policy, and in particular the social determinants of health and how they can be addressed both locally and globally

Professor Sally Sheard, Head of Department

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