A model of a human head constructed with steel letters


Our members perform a diverse range of activities in order to improve the lives of people with mental health difficulties and the societies in which they live.  Please see below for examples of our recent and ongoing work.

An International Centre for Reading and Wellbeing

The Mansion House, Coach House & Stable Yard, Calderstones Park

In collaboration with its University of Liverpool research partner, the Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society (CRILS), and our home, the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society (in particular Professors Bentall, Corcoran and Dowrick), The Reader Organization is bringing this beautiful Grade II-listed building back to life within the 94 acre Calderstones Park, with the support of National Lottery funding.

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The Prosocial Place Programme

Co-operation for benign cities

The Prosocial Place Programme (PPP) is an innovative research and knowledge exchange programme that fuses the psychological research of mental health and wellbeing with the quality of physical and social urban environments. At the core of the programme is the belief that cooperation is essential for good mental health and wellbeing.

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