Centre for Critical and Major Incidents (CAMI)

The Psychology of Critical Situations

Critical or major incidents take many forms, from natural disasters to transport accidents, terrorist attacks to situations yet to be foreseen.

What they have in common are the extreme pressures they can exert on organisations and individuals tasked with managing them.

The Centre for Critical and Major Incidents (CAMI) is a world leading research group that helps organisations prepare for these complex, unique events. 

Critical and Major Incident Expertise 

Our research spans many aspects of human and organisational psychology. We share our expertise through education, training and consultancy services.

Few, if any organisations can match the depth of our expertise and experience within the critical and major incidents field.

Here are a few of our research themes and activities:-

  • Decision inertia
  • Interpersonal trust in multi-agency teams
  • The impact of accountability on decision-making
  • Interviewing and interrogation (especially of high value detainees)
  • Immersive learning, scenario training and operational debriefing

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What is a major or critical incident?

It can be defined as:-

Any incident with the potential to have a long-lasting effect on the community and its confidence in the emergency services, public sector agencies or private industry partners responding to the incident. Incidents could include child protection issues, natural or man-made disasters, terrorist attacks or major crime.