Doing a Systematic Review: A Student's Guide

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1. Carrying Out a Systematic Review as a Master's Thesis

Rumona Dickson, M. Gemma Cherry and Angela Boland

2. Defining My Review Question and Identifying Inclusion Criteria

M. Gemma Cherry and Rumona Dickson

3. Developing My Search Strategy and Applying Inclusion Criteria

Yenal Dündar and Nigel Fleeman

4. Quality Assessment: Where Do I Begin?

Janette Greenhalgh and Tamara Brown

5. Data Extraction: Where Do I Begin?

Nigel Fleeman and Yenal Dündar

6. Understanding and Synthesizing My Numerical Data

Michaela Blundell

7. Writing my Discussion and Conclusions

M. Gemma Cherry

8. Reviewing Qualitative Evidence

M. Gemma Cherry, Elizabeth Perkins, Rumona Dickson and Angela Boland

9. Systematically Reviewing Economic Evaluations

Angela Boland, Sophie Beale and M. Gemma Cherry

10. Planning and Managing My Review

Gerlinde Pilkington and Juliet Hockenhull