Academic Palliative and Supportive Care Studies Group

Our multidisciplinary research focuses on exploring innovative assessment methods and interventions for complex symptoms (particularly psychosocial symptoms) within palliative and supportive care; equity of access to services for all disease groups and carer needs and support. Embedded throughout our research is strong patient / carer participation.

Research Themes

Current research themes are:

  • Mental health needs of patients with advanced cancer; Assessment and Screening and trials of innovative non pharmacological approaches to symptom management
  • Interventions to support lay carers of cancer and non cancer patients including the training and support of volunteers within community care settings
  • Palliative care needs of non cancer patients particularly those with dementia
  • Supporting people to live well and die well by researching public health interventions to promote conversations about wishes for end of life care


The group has expertise in engagement with patients and carers to inform and participate in the research process; mixed methods research; successfully conducting large multi centre longitudinal studies and trials within palliative care and working alongside primary secondary and tertiary care providers to ensure that research is disseminated and embedded into clinical practice.


The research group is key partner and co-applicant of the national Cancer Experiences Collaborative and part of the European Association for Palliative Care Research Collaboration.

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