Oral Health and Healthcare Services

About our research

Our Dental Research Programme covers :

Oral health research from lab, to clinical trials and systematic reviews to promote, sustain and protect oral health

  • In vitro and in situ modelling and linked RCTs of caries, erosion and periodontal disease (Higham,Pender, Smith, Hope, Valappi, Flannigan, Preston, & Adeyemi)
  • Early caries detection/diagnosis ( Smith, Higham, Pender, Adeyemi)
  • Preventive clinical strategies in orthodontics (Pender, Flannigan, Harrison,Higham)
  • Plaque metabolism, regrowth and microbiological processes ( Hope, Valappil, Higham)
  • Novel antimicrobial agents and delivery systems (Valappil, Hope, Higham)
  • Bone and dental hard tissues (Desmons, Higham, Hope, Valappil, Smith)

As well as Public Health Dentistry:

Which explores oral health care systems and how policy can maximise their effectiveness, efficiency and equity. The programme uses both qualitative and quantitative methods and covers the motivation of dental practitioners, the use of skill mix and policies concerned with contracts. We have a growing interest in access to care for disadvantaged groups, and developing brief preventive interventions to be undertaken in dental practice.