Palliative Care

Innovative assessment and interventions for complex symptoms (particularly psychosocial symptoms) within palliative and supportive care

We have a research interest in innovative assessment and interventions for complex symptoms (particularly psychosocial symptoms) within palliative and supportive care; equity of access to services for all disease groups and carer needs and support.

As with all research in the HSR Department, our palliative care research involves strong patient / carer co-production which ensures our research is of direct value to our patients and communities and leads on to change in practice.

Our research interest in this area covers the following areas:

  • Mental health needs of patients with advanced cancer: Assessment and Screening and trials of innovative non-pharmacological approaches to symptom management
  • Interventions to support lay carers of cancer and non-cancer patients including the training and support of volunteers within community care settings
  • Palliative care needs of non-cancer patients particularly those with dementia
  • Supporting people to live well and die well by researching public health interventions to promote conversations about wishes for end of life care
  • Provision of social support at the end of life and its impact on increasing quality of life

Clinically based work

All of our research is clinically based and designed to answer clinically important questions in palliative and supportive care. We have established a network of 20 hospices in the North West who now participate in our research. We successfully recruited over 600 palliative care patients to our longitudinal study of depression in advanced cancer - this is one of the largest studies internationally to be carried out within the hospice population. We work alongside our hospices in translating our findings into practice.

Clinical Training

We are actively engaged in delivering clinical training on assessment methods and interventions across palliative and supportive care

Palliative Care Partnerships

We are key members of the public health and palliative care partnership and work closely with national and international leaders in this work. The Chief Nurse of Dementia UK has an honorary contract with our Department.

We are a key partner and co-applicant of the national Cancer Experiences Collaborative and part of the European Association for Palliative Care Research Collaboration.


We publish our research frequently. Our members also present posters and workshops. See our latest publications

This research area is led by Professor Mari Lloyd-Williams

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