Department of Health Services Research

Our Research

Our research programme explores health and health care using a wide variety of methodologies. Our research is delivered via our research groups:

Applied Research Innovation and Service Evaluation (ARISE) 

The aim of ARISE is to increase the quantity and quality of research and service evaluation projects carried out within Mersey Care.

ARISE is a unique partnership between the University of Liverpool and Mersey Care. It draws on the expertise of policy makers, clinicians, service users and academics. The partnership is designed to address mental health issues in context with the goal of improving mental health and well-being.

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Health in Context

This group aims to contextualise health and take account of family, community, institutional and societal factors and to recognise the complexities of health and healthcare.

Members of the group undertake applied health services research specialising in the evaluation of interventions and evidence syntheses. Our researchers work in a wide range of contexts, from general medical and dental practice, to vision services and palliative care. We have common interests in qualitative, quantitative, systematic review, bioethics and clinical trial methodologies, and researching peoples’ behaviour within the context of social groups and their environment.

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Liverpool Reviews and Implementations Group (LRiG)

LRiG conducts clinical and cost effectiveness reviews of new and existing health technologies, and have expertise in the health economics of pharmaceuticals and disease modelling.

LRiG are a dedicated team of experienced health economists, economic modellers, systematic reviewers and statisticians, supported by a programme administration team. With the ethos that good research is conducted by teams rather than individuals, LRiG have fostered many partnerships with clinicians and other research groups and are proactive in building collaborations.

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Perspectives Study

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Vision Research

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Our Department is a centre for high quality applied and theory-based health services research, designed to improve the health and well-being of the local community and wider populations

Professor Rebecca Harris, Head of Department

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