Department of Health Services Research

Our People

Our Department is made up of research, clinical and professional services staff working across our groups to deliver our cutting edge research

People at the Department

The Department of Health Services Research is a place where we inspire people to learn and achieve, enabling them to make the most of life. It is a place where people can do things that they never thought possible.

Just like our city, we celebrate individuality and ingenuity, energy and enterprise, and we see how ideas of one person can reverberate around the world.

By addressing some of the world’s toughest challenges, our research is helping to transform lives and make a real difference across the globe.

If you would like to join our team, please visit the University Jobs page for our current vacancies

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Health Services Research

Our People

Abba, Dr Katharine 
Ali, Dr Mubushar Clinical Fellow in Primary Care 
Ball, Mrs Ruth ARC Administrative Assistant 
Brooks, Dr Helen Lecturer  0151 794 8125 
Byrne, Dr Paula Senior Lecturer  0151 795 5308 
Charles, Mr Darren ARC NWC Communications and Dissemination Manager  0151 795 5342 
Clarke, Ms Pam Researcher and RDS NW Adviser  0151 795 5324 
Cloke, Dr Jane Programme Manager ARC NWC  0151 795 5368 
Cuitun Coronado, Dr Jose Research Associate 
Deja, Dr Beth Research Associate FEVER Study  0151 794 5613 
Dixon, Dr Pete Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Dowrick, Prof Chris Professor  0151 794 5599 
El Feky, Mr Adel Research Associate 
Fisher, Ms Debra Research Assistant 
Frith, Dr Lucy Reader in bioethics and social science  0151 795 5333 
Forsy, Ms Debra ARC Administrative Assistant 
Gabbay, Prof Mark Professor of Primary Care & Director of ARC NWC  0151 794 5610 
Ghotra, Mr Manrose Clinical Dental Fellow in Dental Public Health 
Giebel, Dr Clarissa Research Manager - ARC NWC  0151 794 9966 
Goodall, Dr Mark Research Fellow, CLAHRC NWC Quantitative Lead & RDS Advisor  0151 795 5330 
Guy, Mrs Sian ARC NWC Administrator 
Haines, Dr Alina Research Associate   0151 794 2945 
Harris, Prof Rebecca Head of Department & Professor of Oral Health Services  0151 795 5334 
Hassan, Dr Shaima Research Associate - CLAHRC NWC  0151 795 5346 
Hepworth, Dr Lauren Research Assistant  0151 795 5315 
Higham, Prof Susan Professor of Oral Biology  0151 706 5251 
Jones, Mrs Lucy Research Project Manager  0151 794 5075 
Khan, Dr Naila Research Assistant 
Lawrence, Mr Daniel Administrator, PROSPER  0151 795 5377 
Liu, Mrs Anne ARC Administrator  0151 794 5538 
Lloyd-Williams, Prof Mari Professor  0151 794 5605 
Lowers, Miss Victoria Research Assistant  0151 795 5316 
Lunt, Dr Catherine Research Assistant  0151 794 5269 
Mathieson, Dr Amy 
McKay, Dr Kathryn Research Associate 
Mitra, Dr Sayani Research Associate 
Mulholland, Mrs Helen Research Assistant 
Noble, Dr Adam Senior Lecturer  0151 794 5993 
Oultram, Dr Stuart Lecturer in Bioethics  0151 795 5332 
Page, Dr Helen Research Assistant 
Perkins, Prof Elizabeth Professor of Community Nursing  0151 794 5909 
Rafiq, Mr Amer Administrative Assistant  0151 795 5344 
Ralph, Ms Penny Research Associate 
Ring, Dr Adele Research Associate  0151 794 5739 
Rowe, Prof Fiona Professor of Orthoptics and Health Services Research  0151 794 4956 
Rowe, Mrs Helen Project Administrator 
Rowlands, Mrs Lindsay Research Design Service Administrator 
Sherratt, Dr Frances Research Associate 
Simpson, Dr Glenn Research Associate  0151 795 5313  
Stanley, Mrs Margaret Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement  0151 795 5336 
Strode, Mr Cal ARC Communications Officer 
Sudell, Miss Carla Research Secretary  0151 795 5079  
Trapasso, Miss Emilia Research Assistant 
Van Der Zande, Dr Marieke Research Associate (Dental Ethnographer)  0151 794 8047 
Van Ginneken, Dr Nadja Clinical GP Lecturer  0151 795 5331 
Wall, Miss Abbie Research Assistant 
Wheeler, Ms Paula EPHC Theme Manager/ Neighbourhood Co-ordinator - ARC NWC  0151 795 5344  
Whiteford, Dr Martin Research Associate  0151 795 5312  
Willgoose, Miss Amy Research Assistant in Mental Health 
Williams, Prof Nefyn Professor in Primary Care  0151 795 5305 
Wilson, Miss Samantha Research Assistant  0151 795 5321  
Woolfall, Dr Kerry Senior Lecturer  0151 794 4634 
Young, Prof Bridget Professor of Psychology  0151 794 5525 

Postgraduate Students

Bagley, Mrs Heather PhD Student   
Bali, Ms P PhD Student   
Beechey, Miss L PhD Student   
Birchall, Mr J PhD Student   
Caproli, Miss T PhD Student   
Fennings-Chandler, Miss S PhD Student   
Gilbert, Mrs Carlee PhD Student 
Hughes, Mrs Karen PhD Student 
Hughes, Mrs R PhD Student   
Huntley, Mr Chris PhD Student 
Kockelbergh, Ms H PhD Student   
Nguyen, Miss Van PhD Student 
Razanskaite, Dr Violeta PhD Student 
Smith, Miss Shelda-Jane PhD Student 
Maruzani, Mr R PhD Student   

Liverpool Reviews and Implementation Group (LRiG)

Boland, Dr Angela Director  0151 795 5447 
Bresnahan, Dr Rebecca Clinical Effectiveness Reviewer 
Chaplin, Mrs Marty Medical Statistician 
Duarte, Dr Rui Deputy Director  0151 794 5726 
Dundar, Dr Yenal Information Specialist 
Edwards, Miss Katherine Clinical Effectiveness Reviewer 
Fleeman, Mr Nigel Senior Clinical Effectiveness Reviewer  0151 795 5455 
Greenhalgh, Dr Janette Senior Clinical Effectiveness Reviewer  0151 795 5443 
Hill, Dr Ruaraidh Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis  0151 794 5569 
Hounsome, Ms Juliet Clinical Effectiveness Reviewer  0151 795 5441 
Houten, Miss Rachel Health Economic Modeller  0151 795 5447 
Lambe, Dr Tosin Health Economic Modeller  0151 794 5524 
Maden, Dr Michelle Information Specialist  0151 795 1088 
Nevitt, Dr Sarah Medical Statistician  0151 795 7521 
Prescott, Mrs Gill Senior Research Administrator  0151 794 5067 
Trafford, Mr Jack Research Administrator 

Honorary Staff

Albadri, Prof Sondos Reader in Paediatric Dentistry 
Cobb, Dr Mark Honorary Research Associate   
Fien, Mrs Kirsten Honorary Research Associate 
Hope, Dr Chris Honorary Lecturer in Oral Biology  0151 706 5296 
Jagosh, Dr Justin Honorary Research Fellow 
Jarad, Prof Fadi Senior Lecturer Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry  0151 706 5219 
Preston, Dr Tony Senior Clinical Lecturer / Consultant in Restorative  0151 706 5111 
Smith, Dr Phil Senior Lecturer/Consultant Restorative Dentistry  0151 706 5206 
Valappil, Dr Sabeel Honorary Lecturer in Dental Sciences  0151 706 5299