Co-60 reference source

Name of the institution: PTB - Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

Address (location): Braunschweig, Germany

Contact person (e-mail address):


Name of facility: Co-60 reference source

Type of facility (e.g. accelerator, laser): Co-60 radionuclide

Main use of the facility (e.g. patient treatment, research): calibration service, material testing

Access restrictions: radiation protection regulations


Main parameters:

Particle type: photons

Energy range: 1.33 MeV and 1.17 MeV

Momentum range:

Operation mode (continuous or bunched): continuous

Beam intensity: 124 TBq @ 9/2017, 3 Gy/min to 0.03 Gy/min (0.5 m to 5 m distance)

Number of particles per bunch (if bunched):

Number of bunches per pulse (if bunched):

Transverse beam sizes: 8x8 cm homogenous irradiation field (1 m distance)

Bunch length (if bunched):

Transverse emittances (geometric or normalised):

Any other important information: