Name of the institution: Fondazione CNAO (Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica)

Address (location):  27100 Pavia, Strada Privata Campeggi 53, ITALY

Contact person (e-mail address):


Name of facility: CNAO

Type of facility (e.g. accelerator, laser): synchrotron

Main use of the facility (e.g. patient treatment, research): patient treatment

Access restrictions: to be defined according to beams availability and patients priority.


Main parameters:

Particle type:  protons, carbon ions

Energy range: 60 – 250 MeV for protons; 120 – 400 MeV/u for carbon ions

Momentum range: 341 – 729 MeV/c for protons; 340 – 951 MeV/c/u for carbon ions

Operation mode (continuous or bunched): continuous

Beam intensity: <1010 p/spill p/s; <4•108 C/spill C/s

Number of particles per bunch (if bunched):  NA

Number of bunches per pulse (if bunched): NA

Transverse beam sizes: 10 mm at FWHM (see CNAO Beams Description v2.0.pdf)

Bunch length (if bunched): NA

Transverse emittances (geometric or normalised): see CNAO Beams Description v2.0.pdf

Any other important information:  see CNAO Beams Description v 2.0