CNA 60Co Irradiator

Name of the institution: CNA (Centro Nacional de Aceleradores)

Address (location):  Thomas A Edison 7, 41092 Sevilla, Spain

Contact person (e-mail address): Joaquin Gomez Camacho,


Name of facility: CNA 60Co Irradiator

Type of facility (e.g. accelerator, laser): Photon Irradiator

Main use of the facility (e.g. patient treatment, research): Research, Indistries

Access restrictions: Competitive open access. Beam time applications evaluated by scientific committee.


Main parameters:

Particle type:  Photons

Energy range:   1.17 MeV, 1.33 MeV

Momentum range:

Operation mode (continuous or bunched): Continuous

Beam intensity:  Produce a Kerma in air of  to 100 Gy/hr

Number of particles per bunch (if bunched): N/D

Number of bunches per pulse (if bunched): N/D

Transverse beam sizes:   large

Bunch length (if bunched): N/D

Transverse emittances (geometric or normalised): N/D

Any other important information:  Used for Irradiation of biological samples (research) and for irradiation of aerospace equipment (industry).