Adaptix X-ray Lab

Name of the institution: Adaptix Ltd.

Address (location): Adaptix Ltd, Begbroke Science Park, Centre for Innovation and Enterprise (CIE), Woodstock Road, Begbroke, Oxfordshire, OX5 1PF

Contact person (e-mail address): Gil Travish


Name of facility: Adaptix X-ray Lab

Type of facility (e.g. accelerator, laser): conventional x-ray sources

Main use of the facility (e.g. patient treatment, research): development and characterization of medical x-ray sources.

Access restrictions: NDA


Main parameters:

Particle type:  photons

Energy range: 5-120kV

Momentum range:

Operation mode (continuous or bunched): 10 msec - DC

Beam intensity: various sources cover 0-7mA

Number of particles per bunch (if bunched):

Number of bunches per pulse (if bunched):

Transverse beam sizes:

Bunch length (if bunched):

Transverse emittances (geometric or normalised):

Any other important information:  This small test lab is for x-rays only and primarily for medical x-rays. It is equipped with a small range of sensors and imaging detectors. Access is under confidentiality agreements, although it may be possible to have resulting data be made available for publications and further research use.