OMA Fellows take part in COSYLAB academy

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From the 6th – 8th June, COSYLAB organized an academy for the OMA Fellows to introduce them to a control system architecture widely used in research institutes and proton treatment facilities across the world. COSYLAB, a company with more than 150 based in Ljubljana, Slovenia provides system integration and customer adapted products and solutions, covering the complete area of control systems and instrumentation, specialized in accelerators, both for particle therapy and scientific research, as well as tokamaks and radiotelescopes.

The Fellows received training in EPICS. EPICS is a worldwide collaboration that shares designs, software tools, and expertise for implementing large-scale control systems. The software toolkit is a Control System Architecture with an efficient communication protocol (Channel Access) for passing data and distributing real-time database of machine values.

The teaching included getting to know the structure and vocabulary of EPICS as well as hand on programming to develop a small EPICS application on temperature monitoring and cooling of a room.

It was a good opportunity to see the interface between diagnostics that are being developed within the OMA project and the integration in a system network of a facility that is crucial for a smooth and safe working environment.