NeST Labs produce TweetParade Software

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TweetParade is a software solution that allows companies and events to gather what is being said about them or a topic tailored to their choices and display this information in a clean and professional looking way.

With the rise and popularity over the last decade of social networking sites such as Twitter it is becoming more and more important for organisations to allow their members, customers and attendees to engage on the social platform and to make full use of this space to help keep their message, product or event current with the ever moving and evolving social sphere.

With TweetParade clients can do just that. The TweetParade platform offers a great way for companies and organisations who are hosting events to engage and interact with their audiences in a live and seamless manner, with users tweets and responses being harvested and displayed on the TweetParade system that the organisation would have linked up to a projector or video screen.

The software allows clients to fully moderate the content that finds its way onto the TweetParade screen. This can either be done manually or through the use of "white lists" and "black lists" or a combination of both methods, whatever is suitable for your event.

The whole system that displays the harvested Tweets is fully customisable to allow the client to create their own colour schemes, use their own backgrounds, select from a variety of Tweet transitions and even incorporate the event sponsors onto the screen as well to enable maximum engagement.

TweetParade also goes a step further, allowing its clients to make use of the data harvested from the Tweets that have been collected. This in itself can prove quite valuable as it provides an insight into the clients industry and the minds of its customers and members.

Furthermore, TweetParade does not have to only be used for events such as conferences and trade shows but can also be employed as a general Tweet collection and display service in a company's lobby.

To find out more about this new NeST software or to enquire about using it for your own events please visit the projects webpage here.