Photo of Professor Zlatko Bodrozic

Professor Zlatko Bodrozic

Chair in Digital Enterprise Operations and Supply Chain Management


Research Overview

My research focuses on the evolution of technologies, organisational paradigms/ management models, and public policy (see for example Administrative Science Quarterly, March 2018; Organization Science, January 2022; Production and Operations Management, 2024). In particular, I am interested in epochal transformation processes such as the digital transformation and the green transformation. My current research interests include:

- The interplay of digital technologies, evolving management and organisation concepts, and the overall institutional and public policy framework;
- The use of engaged scholarship approaches such as the Change Laboratory method to study and support the digital transformation of organisations and the transition to a sustainable society;
- The creation and evolution of key concepts that are used to guide technological, organizational, and institutional/public policy innovation;
- Understanding the systemic nature of the climate crisis and exploring alternative systems for a sustainable society;