Photo of Prof Zenobia Lewis

Prof Zenobia Lewis

Professor School of Life Sciences


    Behavioural ecology

    I mainly teach behavioural ecology, although I also teach on field courses to Uganda and France.

    Modules for 2020-21

    Animal Behaviour

    Module code: LIFE211

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Biodiversity Practical Skills

    Module code: LIFE233

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Current Topics in Animal Behaviour

    Module code: LIFE322

    Role: Teaching

    Essential Skills for the Life Sciences 2

    Module code: LIFE223

    Role: Teaching


    Module code: LIFE700

    Role: Teaching

    Research Project

    Module code: LIFE363

    Role: Teaching

    Tropical Ecology Field Course

    Module code: LIFE222

    Role: Teaching

    Zoology Field Course

    Module code: LIFE333

    Role: Teaching