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Your I.T.

Empowering confidence to navigate tech

The digital world moves swiftly and doesn't wait. While technology has become ingrained in our daily lives, not everyone feels comfortable navigating it.

Enter YOUR I.T. from the University of Liverpool's IT Services team.

We're here to support you on your unique tech journey, fostering an innovative environment for both staff and students. With cutting-edge tools and resources, we aim to enhance learning, research, and administration.

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Optimising tech for you​

We provide easy to utilise tech solutions that protect you, while supporting your needs. Learn more about how to engage YOUR IT in the way that can benefit you the most!

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Innovating for your digital future​

We solve tech problems today but are revolutionising tomorrow. Learn more about YOUR IT projects and how they can enhance your university life!

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Collaborating for tech brilliance

We co-create to continually up our game and meet UoL’s IT needs. Learn more about YOUR IT's collaboration programmes and get involved in our tech community!

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